So now that you've created your paper cranes, what next?


1. Count how many paper cranes you have made; I suggest you make at least 10 (or more!) if you plan to drop them off to my home. Make sure you wrote on the wings too, if you can. :) Please update the number of cranes you have made by going to

2. Send or Deliver. Please contact me if you still need my address.

If you live closeby, you may drop them off to my home, 

Monday - Friday, 7am to 10pm.

Please place them in the box labeled "Operation Paper Crane", which is right outside my house.

3. Feel free to give me a text/email to let me know you have delivered the cranes.

Thank you so much! :)


Note: If you live far away, it is fine to mail them to me in a standard postcard envelope (it should not damage the paper cranes too much).


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